National Award

THE TIMES OF INDIA, May 10, 1993

“Ram Ke Naam” a film for communal harmony which received the national award for the Best Investigative Documentary in New Delhi on May 5, opposes religious bigotry. But the more important point being made by the film’s director, Anand Patwardhan, and others is that it would make a wider impact if it is shown on Doordarshan. But the plea so far has fallen on deaf ears. The government is obliged to screen films which have won national awards, but Patwardhan’s previous experience is most unhappy. He had to wage a four-year battle before his award-winning film, Hamara Shahar on slum-dwellers in Bombay was shown by Doordarshan. Another national award-winning film, In Memory Of Friends on the legacy of Bhagat Singh and his relevance in Punjab today, has not been shown on TV either.

Four Years Later… 

What happened next?