Censorship and Litigation

Virtually all of Anand’s films have faced State censorship. Several have also incurred the wrath of right wing fundamanentalists both in India and abroad. In keeping with the uneven nature of India’s democratic institutions and its sharply divided polity, bouquets have been accompanied by brickbats.

Censorship has often led to successful litigation against the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and against the national public broadcaster, Doordarshan (DD) for its refusal to telecast Anand’s films of its own volition.


Litigation History Summary: A Table

High Court and Supreme Court Judgements

ABVP attacks screening of Ram Ke Naam again
July 2015

Banning History
Times of India, July 2010

Filmmakers win battle against Censorship at National Film Awards
July 2006

Leaflet at the opening of MIFF, 2004

War and Peace

National Award for Best documentary
New Delhi, Feb 2, 2005

No Need for Censor Nod 
Deccan Herald, Feb. 2005

Courting Controversy
The Tribune, Oct.2004

Judgement Day (“War and Peace”)
24 April 2003

21 Cuts Demanded (“War and Peace”)
24 August, 2002

6 Cuts Demanded (“War and Peace”)
14 June, 2002

Censors at war with “War and Peace”
2 June, 2002

Screening cancelled in Kolkata
Ranjan Palit

Father, Son and Holy War

Supreme Court orders telecast of FSHW
August, 2006

Let’s wage war on moral police
August 2006 Hindustan Times

“Patwardhan film not suited for unrestricted viewing
DD tells Supreme Court”

The Hindu, May 2006

DD ordered to telecast “Father, Son and Holy War”
March 2004

Patwardhan may go to court to force telecast (“Father, Son and Holy War”)
BY UTPAL BORUPUJARI, Asian Age, 10/4/97

Patwardhan runs into trouble with censors again
Kalpana Sharma, The Hindu, Bombay, Oct. 27, 1995

We are Not your Monkeys

“We are not your monkeys”: VHP angry with Patwardhan  (EC)
by Koutinya Sinha, Asian Age, Feb. 2002

Ram Ke Naam / In the Name of God

Censorship at American Museum of Natural History(EC)
New York, February 2002

Film ban: Cultural activists to launch mass campaign(EC)
Indian Express July 5, 2002

DD ordered to telecast “Ram Ke Naam” at Prime-time

BJP Frowns on Ram Ke Naam(EC)
Asian Age 11.03.97

other comments on Ram Ke Naam (EC)

In Memory of Friends

Press Release: Sept. 1996

Bombay Our City

‘Hamara Shehar’ (Bombay Our City) likely to be telecast
By A Staff Reporter BOMBAY, October 3. 1989

A Time to Rise

Axe on Documentary (“A Time to Rise”)
A. Mahadevan, TAKE 2, May 1982

Waves of Revolution

UNDERGROUND: The Film That Got Away
India Today July 1-15, 1977