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General Reviews (on Anand’s film work)

A cinema of songs, people and politics
Jerry Whyte in Cineoutsider, August 2015

Blazing modern India across the screen (BFI Retrospective)
Mark Cousins

Anand Patwardhan: Storming the Reality Asylum
John Akomfrah,1997 (click here for Spanish version)

Documentary Filmmaker Anand Patwardhan on the Emergency of our times
Utkarsh in Stir, June 2020

The Stubborn Idealism of Anand Patwardhan
Akeel Bilgrami, Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University

Wind that Shook the Barley          
Manjiri Indukar, Reel Life

An Angst in Saffron”
Sandip Roy-Chowdhury, India Currents, 2002

Film Reviews
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Finding Reason at True/False Festival
Daniel Kasman, MUBI, 2019

A mesmerising portrayal of India’s extreme right
Bianca-Olivia Nita, Modern Times Review, Feb, 2019

The battle for democracy and the necessity of Reason/Vivek
Jyotsna Kapur, Jump Cut, 2019

Reason (Vivek): ‘LIFF’ Review – A Brilliant Discourse on the Pernicious Rise of Religious Extremism in India
Arun Kumar, High on Films, June 2019

Reason: A wake up call
Gordon Dveirin, New Mexico, December 2019

IDFA Awards 2018: The Jury Sees ‘Reason’
Damon Wise, Variety, November 2018

Reason (2018) by Anand Patwardhan
Joanna Kończak, AMP (Asian Movie Pulse), December 2018

Pricking the Conscience
Saibal Chatterjee,, Sept. 2018

“Why did the police not break Anand Patwardhan’s bones?” A Search for Reason
Akash Bhattacharya, 2019

Anand Patwardhan’s Vivek is an exhaustive commentary on a diminishing democracy
Bedatri D Choudhury, First Post, Sept. 2018

Voice of Reason
Shubhra Gupta, Indian Express, Sept. 2018

‘Reason’ holds a troubling mirror to the headlines
Nandini Ramnath, Scroll, Sept. 2018

Jai Bhim Comrade
2 cops tyres crop tiny

The Revolution Will Be Sung
Salil Tripathi, Caravan. May 2012

लाल झेंडे अौर नीले रिबन के बीच (Between red flag and blue ribbon)
Uday Shankar, Hans, February 2013

Full of Eastern Promise
Mark Cousins, Sight and Sound, September 2012

Jai Bhim Comrade, A Soulful Song Of The Nowhere People
Dr Anand Teltumbde,, May, 2012

Jai Bhim Comrade: Tales of oppression and songs of resistance
Catherine Bernier, Jump Cut

India’s uncomfortable truths on film
Sukhdev Sandhu, The Guardian, 

Jai Bhim Comrade-Songs That Won’t Be Silenced
Kavita Krishnan, The Armchair Philosopher,  June, 2012

A Song that will be sung
Saroj Giri, Tehelka, April, 2012

Jai Bhim, Comrade Patwardhan  
Sunalini Kumar, Kafila, March, 2012

A Cinema of Songs and People: The Films of Anand Patwardhan
Tate Modern

Where The Republic Still Lives
Javed Iqbal, DNA, February, 2012

Jai Bhim Comrade: Songs of justice that threaten the State
Satyen K. Bordoloi, Sify, May, 2012

Redemption Song
Trisha Gupta, The Sunday Guardian, April, 2012

A film with a difference
Priyanak Borpujari, The Hindu, Januray, 2012

Stigma and labour: remembering Dalit Marxism
Anupama Rao, India-seminar, 2012

Remembrance of things future
Aakshi Magazine Delhi,  Hardnews, May, 2012

Jai Bhim Comrade-Anand Patwardhan
Mumbai paused-Photographs and stories from the city that’s always on the move, January, 2012

Caste and Credit: The Jai Bhim Saga
Jyoti Punwani, Times of India


War and Peace

Mark Cousins on War and Peace and other films by Anand
Interviewed by Mehelli Modi for Second Run Films

Time Out
Nandini Ramnath, June 2005

The Times of India
Rashid Irani, June 2005

Atomic India
A.S.Hamrah, The Boston Globe, 2002

Weapons of Mass Pride
Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times, 2003

Censoring peace amid nuclear “deterrence”
by Ammu Joseph, 2002

Sanjukta Sharma, 2005

Buddha’s Smile
Mandakini Menon, “Cut Here” NID, 2005

A Narmada Diary

The Camera of Resistance
by Alex Napier,1997

Judgement and after
Anand Patwardhan, The Hindu, 2000

Fishing: In the Sea of Greed

“Netting the conscience”  
by Ranjit Hoskote, The Hindu, 1998

In the Name of God / Ram Ke Naam

Film ban: Cultural activists to launch mass campaign
Indian Express July, 2002

A Must See Film – Ram Ke Naam
by P.Sainath, Blitz, 1993

November 1993 – Pujari Laldas Assassinated

National Award (1993) and Court Victory (1997)

College Barred from Screening Film
The Times of India, 1993

Excerpts from High Court Verdict

BJP Frowns on Ram Ke Naam
Asian Age, March 1997

Other Reactions to Telecast
March 1997

We Are Not Your Monkeys

We are not your monkeys: VHP angry with Patwardhan
Koutinya Sinha, Asian Age

Father, Son and Holy War

Father, Son and Holy War
Gail Minault, Film Review: Journal of Asian Studies, 1996

Father, Son and Holy War
Nandini Ramnath, TIME OUT, October, 2006

Father, Son and Holy War
David Stratton, Variety, 1996

Bombay Our City/Hamara Shahar

Film And Family: Revisiting An Early Patwardhan Classic
Vidyarthi Chatterji: Countercurrents, July 2020

Slumdweller to receive award for Bombay Our City
Press release

Excellent documentary on Sunday
KHALID MOHAMED, The Times of India April, 1985

City Limits Review
Sean Cubitt, Nov. 1985

Beautifully flawed (Bombay Our City)
S. Shankar Menon, Financial Express July, 1985

Prisoners of Conscience

Against All Odds
India Today, 1978

Prisoners of Concience
Ayesha Kagal, The Times of India, 1978

Waves of Revolution

Waves of Revolution
India Today, 1977