Five Films

Ribbons for Peace

1998, Colour, Music Video, 5 mins

Made in the aftermath of Indian and Pakistani nuclear tests, Ribbons gives new meaning to an old film song by Kishore Kumar – a kind of “Imagine” composed before the days of John Lennon.

With guest appearances by well-known movie stars like Naseeruddin Shah, Aamir Khan, Kittu Gidwani and Chandrachur, the film was made to counter a pro-nuke music video made by the political party in power.



Ribbons for Peace (Music Video) from Anand Patwardhan on Vimeo.


Production – Shunyata
Camera, Direction, Editing – Anand Patwardhan
Music – Kishore Kumar

We are not your Monkeys

1996, Colour, Music Video, 5 mins
We Are Not Your Monkeys is a music video that reworks the epic Ramayana story to critique the caste and gender oppression implicit in it. Sung by Sambhaji Bhagat and composed by Sambhaji, the late Daya Pawar and Anand Patwardhan, the music video opposes the systematic oppression and negation of basic human rights of the underclass, in the name of religion and culture.


It is not often that a five minute film subverts a conceptual framework passed on through the centuries with such clarity. …Anand Patwardhan’s film is an unsettling but liberating and moving experience. It is unsettling because it calls into question ideas passed on through the ages that we have internalized as “truth”. it is liberating because its relentless logic exposes the contradictions of a self-serving ideology. And it is moving because it is the clear voice of people we rarely hear.

Sumana Ramanan, The Independent


Production, Camera – Anand Patwardhan
Sound – Narinder Singh
Music – Daya Pawar, Sambhaji Bhagat, Anand Patwardhan


1996, Colour, 22 mins
new.mill1Textile mills were once the backbone of Bombay’s economy and provided the city its working class culture. Today, foreign investment and rising real-estate prices have made selling mill lands more profitable than running mills.

Mill ‘sickness’ is now an epidemic.

OCCUPATION: MILLWORKER records the inspirational action of workers who, after a four-year lockout, forcibly occupied The New Great Eastern Mill.

1998 Human Rights Watch International Film Festival
1997 Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival
1997 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (Japan)


Camera, Editing, Direction – Anand Patwardhan
Sound – Simantini Dhuru
Production Assistance – Simantini Dhuru, Paromita Vohra, Shashi Mehta

Images you didn’t see

2006, Colour, 5 mins


Global censorship of the war on Iraq has stifled the outrage that may have otherwise curtailed the ongoing atrocity of occupation. Not only have the real causes of war been hidden but also its effects. Most people see a sanitized and falsified version that feeds their complacence and sedates their conscience.
But one place where the truth cannot be totally hidden is the Internet.

“images you didn’t see” is a music video that interprets images gleaned from the net – images that either never appear in the mainstream media, or images whose import are masked behind a velvet curtain of global infotainment.


Production, Direction and Editing – Anand Patwardhan
Internet Research – Abhay Mehta
Music Lyrics – Bob Dylan
Sung by Peter, Paul and Mary
Special Thanks – Anonymous chroniclers of the Iraq war

Children of Mandala

2009, 5 mins

A message from the economically displaced children of a slum colony in Mumbai who are educating themselves in the face of government apathy.


Production, Direction, Editing – Anand Patwardhan

Camera, Sound – Anand Patwardhan, Simantini Dhuru

Production Assistance – Trupti Kanade

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