Prisoners of Conscience

new.prison1Zameer ke Bandi
(1978, 45 mins)

An important historical record of a traumatic period in India’s recent political history, PRISONERS OF CONSCIENCE focuses on the State of Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi from June 1975 to March 1977.

During the Emergency the media was muzzled, over 100,000 people were arrested without charge and imprisoned without trial. But political prisoners existed before the Emergency, and they continue to exist even after it is over.

Trailer- Prisoners of Conscience from Anand Patwardhan on Vimeo.

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Grand Prize, The Tyne Award, UK, 1982


“The result of a few years of painstaking work Prisoners of Conscience is a bold attempt to fight against the lies the system in India wishes to propagate on the issue of political prisoners. It is real, authentic, and part of the movement. …needs to be shown widely.”
Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars

“PRISONERS OF CONSCIENCE, made under appalling conditions, displayed a courage never shown before in the documentary movement in India.”
Business Weekly Standard

“The power of the film derives from its restraint. Restraint does not imply a reluctance to state facts. The film does that only too clearly.”
The Times of India

“A paean to those in the past and those in the present who have not hesitated to struggle for a just society and who, in the process, may have been imprisoned or even lost their lives.”
Critical Asian Studies


Editing, Sound - Anand Patwardhan
Camera- Venugopal Thakkar
Production Assistance – Shashi Mehta