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1 week ago

Anand Patwardhan

Facebook and Youtube are at it again! They cannot stop Hindutva from doing the violence but they can cover it up !!! How very non-violent ! Shall we recommend them to get a Nobel Peace Prize?

वोट करो चोट नहीं ! Voting for Reason is the reason to vote !
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Respect Anand Patwardhan 🙌🙏

Hello Sir... How can we watch the full documentary??

Dear sir Do try to make a documentary on Kashmiri Pandits Rohingyas killing Assamese Mass murders in West Bengal. Kerala killings It may seem equal rather than biased. ......Just a Thought

Watch it here:

Sujit Kamerkar

Ashita Patodia Purav Desai

Please share the YouTube link

Pratik Shetty Sachin Gaur : This might turn tables! Do give it a watch!

Thank you.

Massive respect to your work anand sir.

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1 week ago

Anand Patwardhan

This is the India we fight for ! Down with Krodhi Sarkar ! ... See MoreSee Less

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