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19 hours ago

Anand Patwardhan

When they officially peed over Indian history and then got Parliament to officially pee over the Indian Constitution

Official PeeingHuman
Home Minister Amit Shah ka jhooth sun ke PM Modi ka seena 60 inch ka ho gaya hoga. #IndiaRejectsCAB #waahmodijiwaah #IndiaRejectsNRC
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our nation was formed by painful partition in the name of religions. may be its not congress, but what did we do to dilute religious tensions after that? did we we had any five year plans on that? NO. so we are facing consequences i believe. still time is left to start. but can't expect that from the government which like to divide and rule. its the duty of us, each citizen who cares. wish Gandhi was alive.

This is the functioning of democracy.. Are you saying democracy has major shortcomings??

Can u pls enlighten us with the correct history.... if it was not the Muslim league force Nd congress agreed to demands..... what else is correct history.

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